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At First State Bank, we know it's never too early to start saving for your future. We also realize that today's investment world has grown complex with more options available than ever before. Each person's financial goals and objectives are different, and no one investment plan works for everyone. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients, and have come to understand that time builds trust. Our willingness to put your needs first means you can rest assured that your financial future is our first priority. With a variety of options at our disposal, we will work with you so you can reach your financial goals. We have served generations of families and businesses to protect, manage and grow their assets.

Put your trust and confidence in our family of professionals to help your family

We're here to serve you in the following areas:

  • Investment Management Service
  • 401(k) Rollover and IRA Investments
  • Trustee of Revocable Living Trusts
  • Trustee of Irrevocable Trusts
  • Guardianships
  • Estate Settlements
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Estate Planning Assistance
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

In addition to our advisory and management services, we provide additional services that other investment advisors may not offer. A First State Bank Trust or Investment Management Account allows you to hold a wide variety of investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Savings Bonds, real estate, insurance policies and limited partnerships in one account for ease of management.

Detailed Statements

Every quarter, or monthly if you desire, you will receive a statement that shows investment activity in your account and a detail of the interest and dividend payments that were collected. The statement will also show any deposits or withdrawals you have made to your account.

Detailed Tax Reporting

At year-end, we provide a detailed tax report and/or consolidated 1099 showing all dividends and interest collected in your account. We also provide a Capital Gains/Loss report showing the acquisition date, cost basis and CUSIP information needed to complete IRS form 1040, Schedule D. These reports will make income tax preparation simpler for you.

Bill Payment and Tax Returns Services

Other services provided in a Trust or Investment Management Account include payment of utility bills, insurance premiums and Quarterly Tax Estimates if you desire. Your account can also receive Social Security, pension and annuity payments. We can even arrange for preparation of your tax returns.

You may direct the income generated in your account be deposited to your First State Bank checking account on a monthly or quarterly basis or be reinvested in your trust account. Please contact us to learn how we may be of assistance to you.

First State Bank does not provide tax or legal advice. Please see your tax advisor or attorney to determine how information contained in this Trust & Investment Management web site may apply to your own situation.

Investment products:
  • Are not insured by the FDIC or any other government agency
  • Are not deposits of or guaranteed by the bank
  • May lose value