Safe Deposit Boxes

Some of your most valuable possessions simply cannot be replaced, no matter how well you insure them. First State Bank Safe Deposit Boxes provide exceptional security and protection for your important papers and possessions. Safe Deposit Boxes in various sizes are available (subject to availability) at most of our convenient banking center locations.

Night Depository

After hour deposits or payments can be completed in a safe and secure manner by using our after hours night depository. All of our offices have a night depository located in the drive up area, except our Greencroft and Edison Lakes offices. Envelopes are provided to place your deposit or payment into. Then simply drop it into the night depository vault knowing your deposit or payment will be processed on the next business day.

Wire Transfers

Utilizing our wire transfer service is the easiest and fastest way to send and receive funds electronically when completing personal or business transactions within the U.S. or internationally. Wire transfers are the ideal method of payment for large transactions such as purchasing a home or business or when an immediate transfer of funds is required. Wire transfers should be in cash or collected funds and completed before 2:00 p.m. EST to be credited on the same business day. Transfers can be initiated at any of our offices or by calling 574-825-2166 or toll-free 1-800-511-1802.

Please refer to the wire transfer instructions and information below when sending funds or providing instructions to originating banks and senders transferring funds to your First State Bank account.

Wire Transfer Instructions

Incoming Wire in U.S. Dollars
To minimize delays in crediting incoming funds to your First State Bank account, provide the sending domestic bank with the following receiving bank (and state) information:
  • Bank Name: First State Bank of Middlebury
  • Bank Routing Number ("ABA number"):
    • 0712-0829-7
  • Account holder's full name, address and account number

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Save time, trouble and trips to the bank. Ask us how easy it is to arrange for direct deposit of your paycheck, Social Security check, regular dividends, annuities or pension checks into your First State Bank checking or savings account. Appreciate the security of knowing your check cannot be lost in the mail or stolen from a mailbox.

First State Bank offers a wide variety of electronic services including ACH debit origination allowing you to easily transfer money from your personal checking account to pay one time or recurring bills, such as loans, insurance or utilities.

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

An EFT can be set up to automatically transfer from your checking to a savings or Christmas Club account or to make a loan payment. Save money on checks and never be late on a First State Bank loan payment. Arrange automatic payment from your checking account to your existing loan accounts, and it could save you ΒΌ% on your next new loan rate.